Idea Starters

Individual Workspace 1

Idea Starter: Individual Workspace

Supports focus work with ergonomic seating and workstations positioned to reduce visual distraction from adjacent workers. A panel-based system adapts to changes in quantity and size of workstations.

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Private Office 1

Idea Starter: Private Office

Height-adjustable table and ergonomic seating support posture changes and movement. Orientation of height-adjustable table prevents distraction from passersby and supports focus work. Stationary desk facing the door allows user to indicate availability. Access to daylight and views increases employee happiness.

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Outdoor Area 1

Idea Starter: Outdoor Area

This space offers a seamless connection to nature. Indoor lounge seating offers a spot to relax and socialize with plenty of access to daylight. The outdoor terrace features durable outdoor furnishings that withstand the elements. Umbrellas help shade areas for long periods of use.

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Communal Space 1

Idea Starter: Communal Space

Touchdown space with a library feel for individual work. Also offers opportunities for serendipitous encounters. Informal seating accentuates and utilizes architecture. Task lighting provided for reading. Access to power and data.

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