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At Image Office Environments, we understand that our activities and behaviors impact the world we live in.   We are committed to adapting our company’s actions to mitigate negative impacts on the planet.  Every day, we strive improve efficiency in our business practices.

We realize it’s not easy to live green in suburban and urban environments.

Through the products and design solutions we offer our clients, we employ strategies that reduce negative impacts on the community and improve the work environment—which we believe directly affects the health and well being of its occupants. 

Following the example of the US Green Building Council and the LEED rating system, we make a concerted effort to divert materials from landfills through reuse, repurposing and recycling programs.  We advocate refurbishing and reuse of existing items whenever possible.  We take the percentage of recycled content, the use of rapidly renewable materials, and the sourceing of sustainably grown woods into consideration when specifying new products and finishes.   We select products manufactured locally to reduce the impact of transportation emissions on the environment.   Instead of using corrugated cardboard, Styrofoam and plastic packing materials, we partner with manufacturers on blanket wrap programs. Every year, reusable blanket wrapping keeps tons of packing material waste from cluttering landfills . 

Inside our own organization, we evaluate and implement many waste reduction methods.  We use our office supplies efficiently and minimize unnecessary printing & paper use. To keep energy consumption under control , we utilize up-to-date Energy Star rated office equipment and appliances and turn off lights when spaces are not in use.   We communicate electronically whenever possible, which reduces the amount of paper documents and overnight shipping we require.  We recycle.  We encourage the use of public transportation, and, when driving, we try to organize appointments in an efficient route that minimizes fuel use and emissions. 

We advocate education.  As new ideas, products, and strategies emerge, we listen, learn, experiment, and implement what works.  Continuous learning is essential to our evolution. 

These measures are good for the planet, good for humankind and, good for the bottom line.

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