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“Gen X,” and “Millennials.” Born between 1961-1980 and 1981-1993. They are the emerging and future workforce. And they're not your grandfather's employee. They were raised on technology. They won't stay with one company for their entire career. They'll shop around. Theyʼre looking for balance in life, for fun and advancement at work. And, there are only 47 million Gen X'ers, as opposed to 80 million Boomers. They're going to have their pick of jobs. You want them to pick you. One important tool in your recruitment arsenal is the workplace you offer. To attract and retain this tech savvy, energetic, smart workforce— who are the
key to achieving your business objectives—your space must meet their wants and needs. Both aesthetically and functionally. They're not going to put up with uncomfortable chairs, no lounge, outdated designs, and badly configured workspaces. They want an office that's modern, hip, beautiful, and conducive to getting things done. Image knows how to appeal to these generations of workers—we ARE these workers—and we can help you make your workplace the place they all want to call home.

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