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  Install paper-saving software for print jobs.
Utilize power-saving modes for office equipment.
Stop using disposable cups and paper plates in the break room.
Replace the vending machine with an Energy Star rated refrigerator.
Replace the fax machine by utilizing email, scanner and technology that      already exists on your network.
Buy green office furniture and supplies.  Contact IOE and we will find the
     perfect solution for you!

  Care for your vehicle by keeping up with tune ups and service checks;
     properly tuned vehicles have better fuel economy.
Keep your tires properly inflated; proper inflation improves fuel economy by
     5% and yields longer tire life due to more even wear.
Recycle your tires.
Remove roof racks and accessories when not in use; this improves      aerodynamics.
Inspect the engine for leaks on a regular basis to keep contaminating fluids
     from entering the environment.
Use greener vehicle engine oil.

  Recycle, but go beyond just paper, plastic and metals.
Make a compost bin out of an old storage container.
Buy a solar powered attic fan to help reduce summer energy consumption.
Host an eco-friendly yard sale.
Return used wire hangers to your dry cleaner for reuse.
Refresh or replace your home’s insulation for better efficiency in all seasons.

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